Saturday, January 16, 2021


Toy-kit. Explore regions of some distant planet. Some assembly required.


Useful for those times when you just can't perform brain surgery by hand. May require some parental supervision.

Little People Moon Rover

Command your very own lunar-surface excursion vehicle. Don't wait, buy it today. 18-inch astronaut sold separately. 


Little People MiniSub

Did the Lost City of Atlantis really exist? Discover for yourself as you explore the depths of the ocean in this personal submersible. Includes oceanographer.

Apollo Lunar Excursion Module

With this action-set, you can pilot astronauts to the moon, perform audacious descents to the lunar surface, and return them safely to orbit with the detachable ascent-stage. Sold with 18-inch action-pilots and replete with many accessories, including life-support equipment and surface rover. Buy it now at your nearest toy-reseller. 

Little People Jalopy

Have you wanted to test your resilience on a chickie-run to the Sepulveda incline? Or perhaps you would rather enjoy the envy of onlookers while you crumble the salt of the earth at Bonneville. The possibilities are endless with this fine collectable. Reckless driver sold separately.

Little People Race Car

Have you ever wished to drive through the English countryside? Now, you can experience the sublime views of the Sussex, Hampshire and Wiltshire circuits in this vintage classic car. Custom sheet metal bodies sold separately.